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  • Items marked in red need info or work from others
  • Items marked in green are in progress
  • Items underlined in gray are complete

Web site


  • email list opt-in
  • Twitter feed
  • Facebook feed


  • About Home (mission, goals, plan)
  • Access and Content Guidelines
    • Need info for access and content guidelines


  • Format for site


  • Need names for multi-stakes contacts
  • Need list of multi-stakes

Email List

Simple sign-in

Complete sign-in

Newsletter template

Google Resources

  • Multi-stake gmail accounts
  • Multi-stake gmail calendar
  • Master calendar
  • Multi-stake maps
  • Master map
  • Site access permissions
    • Need names for multi-stakes contacts
    • leader access
    • co-chair access

Facebook Page

  • Page created

Twitter Feed

  • Account created