Ensign Ranch FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I bring?

Please bring everything you need for camping, including a tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress/pad. Even if you have requested special accommodations, you will still need a sleeping bag/bedding. There are porta-potties throughout the campground, but also bathrooms and showers in the lodge and near the Trillium campsite. For Sunday services there are more of us than chairs, so please bring a camp chair if you have one.


What will we be doing?

The better question is what won’t we be doing! There are activities for everyone on Saturday, including slip ‘n slide, climbing wall, archery, tomahawk throwing, crafts, frisbee golf, putt putt golf, cornhole, canoeing, kayaking and more! We’ll also have dances for families, youth, and adults. On Sunday, we will have wonderful church services, workshops, and a fireside. Sunday services will be presided by Area Seventy Elder Hal C. Hunsaker.


What will we eat?

The following meals will be provided: a light dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, dinner on Sunday, and breakfast on Monday. Remember that Sunday is a Fast Sunday so only dinner will be provided. Please bring snacks, if desired, and a water bottle for refilling. We are unable to accommodate special dietary restrictions. We are also unable to provide freezer/fridge space in the main kitchen. Please come prepared with cooler/cooking gear if you need to prepare food on your own.


Where will I sleep?

For tent camping, there are many wonderful sites. You will receive a map of the camp showing Lockamora, Ayatma, Trillium, Riverbend, Yakima, and Far West campgrounds. First come, first serve. Some of these sites have a-frames, wall tents, or teepees. Please do not plan to stay in the lodge, bunkhouses, summer cabins, family cabins, or the one a-frame with beds in Lockamora. 


A note to those with special accommodation requests:

We have reserved spaces for those with special accommodation requests in the lodge, bunkhouses, summer cabins, and family cabins. All the beds are bunk beds. If you need special accommodations, you need to pre-register.


Who watches my kids?


While there are some activities for children such as Primary on Sunday and some activities, in general, you are in charge of your children or grandchildren. Thank you.


Will I be strengthened and have a great time?

Definitely… Yes and yes!